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Prof.'in Dr. Christine Hunner-Kreisel
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Jana Wetzel
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University of Vechta - http://www.uni-vechta.de/en/
ISBS - Institut für Soziale Arbeit, Bildungs- und Sportwissenschaften
Research Project: Young Muslims and their experience on the labor market

The research project “Young Muslims and their experience on the labor market” will focus on the experience young Muslims make during their transition from school on to vocational training, and then with the labor market.

Current research suggests that youth with a migrational background, especially Muslim adolescents, face a disadvantage in this transitional process.

It remains unclear in how far this is related to experiences of (self-)efficacy made in the interaction with the social environment.

The primary aim of this research project is to look at how far experience of efficacy influences the professional path and choices of young people in respect to their training-biography. Additionally we want to explore the role of religion and the piety of the youth in the process of agency. 

The research project is constructed along questions of social justice and the well-being of the youth; referencing the framework of the capabilities approach, which focuses on conditions that ideally enable youth to develop their own concepts of a “good life” and to materialize them, investigating in how far the young people are capable of doing so.


EU project CITISPYCE - Combating inequalities through innovative social practices of, and for, young people in cities across Europe

coordinator: Aston University - Birmingham, United Kingdom


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